Increase diversity in tech

When I arrived in Barcelona I realized how unbalanced the numbers are when it comes to diversity in the tech industry. Coming from Romania, where the situation is way more balanced, I was attracted from the beginning by the topic and started working on my own and in collaboration with different communities like Women Techmakers Barcelona and Codebar Barcelona to start increasing diversity in tech. I have trained and coached people from underrepresented groups in tech on different topics: technical skills, soft skills, public speaking skills. I helped organizing events and conferences, spaces for women to feel safe and empowered to take the stage. I also put myself out there as a speaker in different events and conferences, leading as an example, showing it can be done.

The world can change one person at a time

There are different ways of improving this situation. 
The one I think has the most impact, where I put my efforts currently and believe in profoundly is individual empowerment. Coaching people from underrepresented groups in tech to grow their confidence in their skills, helping them identify opportunities around them, helping them grow.

I believe major changes start from the change of the individual