Growing Tech Leads

As part of my training for becoming a Tech Lead I discovered that this role can have a different meaning for every individual. While playing the Tech Lead role that meaning kept on changing. This is one of the things that makes this role confusing and easy to get lost in. That is why is important to understand what type of Tech Lead you currently are, what type of Tech Lead you would like to be and how aligned these two are. 

Leading is about the ability to empower and grow others, not just yourself

There is a trend to put the team “best developer” in the Tech Lead role. This role requires so much more than technical skills. Leadership skills, things as communication, influencing, resilience, conflict resolution, listening are a must. Developing all these skills requires focus and time especially for someone who has been focusing on tech for a long time.
No wonder that people wake up in these roles and feel confused and overwhelmed. 

My scope is to help Tech Leads discover what this role looks like for them, what fits them best and feel more confident with. After creating this vision we identify areas of improvement and specific tasks that will bring them closer to that vision a little bit every day. 

This role requires continuous growth as it can bring new and different challenges every day.