About me


Combining my technical, leadership and coaching skills to help people get the best out of themselves!

In my spare time I enjoy assembling puzzles, reading thriller books, dancing Hip Hop and playing padel.

The combination of analytical thinking, a realistic way of looking at the world and the passion for solving problems, drove me to a career in Software Engineering without giving it a lot of thought. 

Once I got my first job as a Developer, I quickly identified my next career goal: becoming a Tech Lead. This role requires leadership skills, things as communication, influencing, resilience, conflict resolution, listening just as much as technical skills. Seeing the effort and struggles required to develop these skills, when I got into the role, I used my learnings to train and coach other Tech Leads.

One thing I kept repeating to them: The Tech Lead role is about the ability to empower and grow other people not just yourself. One efficient way of doing this is through coaching. 

Coaching is about unblocking people, helping them find opportunities, options, solutions, making sure they MOVE FORWARD. This applies to the technical day to day issues but also in regard to their individual growth. 

As part of my growth as a Consultant and as a Leader I got the opportunity to practice coaching in the day-to-day work and I got hooked on the feeling of seeing people grow and knowing I was part of that.

After some time I extended this activity outside of my team. This turned out to be very useful in my efforts to help grow diversity in the tech industry by working with different organizations like Women Techmakers Barcelona and Codebar Barcelona.

Seeing the positive impact it has on people I decided to give it a try full time.